The Gift of Health

There’s a saying that if you have health you have everything and can get anything.  I know that I feel more capable of conquering the world when I feel good, have eaten and have had a good night’s sleep (coffee is always helpful too). I also find it’s easier to have a better attitude, make better decisions and spend less time procrastinating when I am healthier. It’s easier to think about the future when you’ve got relative peace in your relationships, your kids are doing well and are happy and things seem to be going right at work and in the rest of your world.   But when you have a health crisis, even something as simple as a headache, pulled muscle or poison ivy, it seems like everything is much more challenging than it used to be.

It may seem like eating right and exercising and spending time working on the relationships that matter to you is a lot of work, and it is.  But health is one of the things that gives you big results from your efforts, results that you can see and feel.  Unfortunately, like other things, it’s often not until we have a problem that we realize how good we had it before.  Challenging times are also a wake up call for many of us that we need to exercise more, eat better and/or work on our personal and professional relationships before they hit the rough patches, so that the other areas of our lives don’t suffer too much while we work through the challenge(s) in that one area.

The good news is that physical health can be regained with lots of work, and it’s possible to fix relationships that are on the skids.  It will take a lot of work to repair them so if you can do something about it before things go wrong, you should, especially when it comes to health because it’s so much easier to keep things going strong once you’re healthy than to try to fix them.   So if you have big dreams for your life or would like to have big dreams for the rest of your life, start with your health.  Because when you feel good enough to conquer the world, there’s a good chance you can do it too.


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