The Path of Most Resistance

This week I’ve been following a story that has definitively captured my attention, that of 2 young boys who were surgically separated.  This isn’t a new practice, we’ve been doing it for many years, but the thing that was different about their situation is that they were attached at the head.  The surgery was successful, and now it’s time for healing for the boys as well as the family.  I can’t imagine going through that as a parent or family member, I’ve been through challenges with my grandparents as well as personal and immediate family health challenges or surgeries, but to contemplate the incredible challenges that were present before and different ones that are present now is heartrending.

It got me thinking about what happens when we ask God/The universe (or whatever higher power you believe in) for something.  Sometimes we get exactly what we ask for, other times we are told to wait and then receive, but other times what we’re given is what we ask for but with a serious twist. This family wanted to grow a little and what they were given wasn’t just two new lives, but two new lives that presented incredible challenges physically, mentally and emotionally for them and the family.  It’s not what their parents would have ever asked for, but now that they’ve gone through the steps this far (and considering worse case scenarios that are still possible), you have to wonder if they would do it all over again exactly the same.

Maybe you’ve been in this place before. Maybe you’ve been on a very challenging journey thanks to God/The Universe delivering an answer to you, or maybe you’re in that journey now.  You’ve heard the saying “no pain, no gain”, but is that really what you would choose when all is said and done?  For many people the deep-down answer is yes.  They would choose to take the same hard road. There might be a few things they would do different (like not resist as much) but essentially their answer would be yes.  What would yours be?

This week I encourage you to be open to all that the world could hold for you.  Who knows, maybe these two boys now that they’re separated will become the presidents of the US.  Maybe they’ll find a cure for diabetes or Alzheimers.  Or maybe they’ll not do anything world shattering with their lives, but they will make a positive difference and make the earth richer because they’re alive and survived these early challenging years.  What will you find at the end of your current path in life?

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