Missing Important Steps

There are things in life that require steps to be followed to get the best results.  One of the most obvious being cooking and baking. When you skip steps the food can turn out really bad causing not only frustration but wasted money and time. It’s why we rely on written recipes when making a new foods, so that it turns out like it’s supposed to. After we’ve made it we can try and and different things or change things, but usually you make the food as directed in the recipe the first time. So what happens if the recipe itself is missing some steps?  Because this has happened to me in the past, now when I make a new recipe I always check out a few similar ones to make sure that’s not the case, especially if the recipe I originally found seems light on details.

So what does this have to do with life? Simply that sometimes there are steps that we miss, sometimes even because we didn’t know we were supposed to take them. If you’re selling a product to someone it should come with instructions for immediate use like wash first or soak in water before planting or check for updates before using. But sometimes we get stuff with companies (or coworkers) expecting us to know what we should do, or expecting based on their research what typical behavior is (like washing clothes before wearing them). But not everyone follows that behavior, which is why it’s important to do the research because unfortunately we aren’t always told the whole story.

Leaving out pertinent details can cause serious issues, whether we’re talking about cooking, buying things, using things or relationships and communication. Sometimes we leave out details because we’re ashamed, think we’re protecting someone or don’t know the answer, other times we may leave out the details because we think it’s so obvious they can’t possibly miss it. So every so often it’s good to take a second and think about things and make sure that they really make sense in your head before proceeding. Think about what the logical thing to do would be, ask yourself if there should be other steps, and do a little research to make sure that you do have all the facts.

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