Happy Holiday Businesses

We’re switching things up a bit this week with the holiday on Thursday and talking about business today, and we’ll be talking about Small Business Saturday and holiday sales and selling.  In the last business post I mentioned that part of social selling is being involved locally.  I know that many businesses would say that they’re not a ‘local’ business because they sell online or they sell in many locations and so they’re not part of just one local community or technically any local community.  But I believe that each and every business can be involved locally and that being involved locally can be a big benefit to every business regardless of whether or not you have a physical location that you sell from.   And technically every business is a local business because you, the business owner, have to live somewhere!

More people are thinking about buying local and say that buying local is important to them. Why? Because not only are local products a great way to keep the money in your community and build up your local economy, often local products are healthier for you or created or grown with more consideration to things like pesticides and sustainability.  So if you’re not involved in your local community yet, it’s something I recommend you check out.  Of course being a business without a physical location you still can sell locally by selling your products through other stores that are local.  One of the other ways that I recommend you get involved locally would be to sponsor teams, do booths at local events, and donate to local charities.  You can also use your local community as your testing group and get their feedback on your products easier and with less expense and more interaction.

So what about holiday sales and selling?  There are lots of people buying now, so it’s super important to make sure that your website is updated, you’ve got your available products on the website and clearly described, it’s clear if you’re running low on a product, and your special offers are clearly displayed.  Now, I know that not every business likes to do sales or discounted prices, and I can understand that, sometimes there’s not a whole lot of ways to discount things, especially when it comes to services.  But there are other ways to add value if you can’t or don’t want to discount like including a little free gift or bonus or extra time with you.  It’s also a great opportunity to do joint ventures and cross promotions by giving products from other great local companies as the gift or bonus.  For example if you sell health products you can include a free sample or two or if you sell food you can include some recipes from local chefs that work with the products they purchase.

What are your business plans for this holiday season?

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