All I Want for Christmas Is You

There are lots of great sayings flying around on cards, on banners and around the internet as we approach the holidays.  Some of the ones you’ve probably seen include ‘”Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store.  Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more”‘ (From The Grinch), ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year,’ ’tis the season to be jolly,’  and ‘Christmas is not so much about opening presents as opening our hearts.’  But the one I’m thinking about today is ‘All I want for Christmas is you.’

For fortunate couples this is the sentiment.  They’re happy to just have each other, to be able to celebrate another Christmas together and with family and friends.  They’re not concerned with how big the ‘rock’ is under the tree or in the stocking (or even if there is one at all), or if they got a cool toy or tool or memorabilia.  However, they may buy those things for their partner because they know they would enjoy receiving it.  What they’re most excited for is going to bed or waking up on Christmas and being there with each other.  This is not the case for every couple, some couples are very unhappy, or they let that ‘perfect’ gift overwhelm them and ignore what their partner is saying about what they really want for Christmas.

I know that what most people want is to be loved, feel appreciated and feel wanted.  It’s unfortunate that so many relationships reach the point where the love isn’t there, or even worse when hatred is there.  So this Christmas as you’re thinking about gifts and picking up a few last minute ones (or if you haven’t started shopping yet) I encourage you to really think about what would make that special person smile the most or feel loved the most. Maybe it’s as simple as spending a day or an afternoon alone with you.  Maybe it’s a commitment to leave your phone someplace else during dinner.  Maybe it’s a commitment to be do more around the house or spend more time with the kids.  Or maybe it’s the gift of listening and seeing a coach or counselor and working to improve your relationship.  Whatever it is I encourage you to let it be something that says loudly and clearly to your partner that you want them for your Christmas present.

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