Closed for the Holidays?

As we get closer to Christmas and Hanukkah the question comes up for businesses as to whether or not they should close or shorten their hours. There are many reasons that support this, because one, many customers that would visit your business aren’t spending money, they’ve already spent the money and are now celebrating with family and friends.  Of course if you’re in the food business it’s a different question as to whether or not you want to be open for the holidays and make that something you offer.

But most businesses do choose to change their hours, even if they’re strictly virtual businesses because, as I said, many people don’t spend a lot at this time and aren’t going out, or at least not until New Year’s Eve/the New Year.  The other big consideration is giving the hard working employees some time off and you as the business owner probably would like some time off too.

So what’s the answer? Do you close for the holidays?  I say that some closing or having limited support is fine.  However it’s super important then that you make sure your business is still available to potential customers.  You should provide extra information, explanations, descriptions and FAQ’s on your website, social profiles, and in your store front if you have a physical location, as to the changes and information that people need to know.  Just because you’re off it doesn’t mean you can’t make sales and that people won’t be interested in booking you for after the holidays and into the new year. Plus they may have holiday money that they want to spend with you, so you want to make sure they can do that.

If you are going to be open fairly regular hours I would suggest that you offer your employees a little more flexibility in the days and hours they work so that they can celebrate the holidays too.

So yes, I say that you should take some time off or adjust your hours so that you can take time to celebrate with family and friends as the business owner, give your employees the chance to be with their family and friends too, and show your customers that you value your employees and that it’s important to take time to be with family and friends and celebrate life.


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