What Does It Take To Be On Top?

Recently as I was on my way to a client appointment I passed a sign that advertises for a Chevy car dealer. It said that the dealership was one of the top 50 in the nation in terms of sales volume again for the past year. There are over 3000 dealerships for Chevy in the US, so I was a little surprised that this company was able to do so well because it didn’t strike me as being the typical dealership that we see today. So I thought I’d take a look around the internet and see what I saw.

First, let’s review some numbers. In 2013 the number to win the award of number one sales volume seller was over 4,500 cars sold in the year. Numbers for Chevy’s have been increasing since the last high in 2007 according to GM, and 2016’s numbers were the highest since 2007. So I’d say it’s safe to assume that the number to win was over 4,500 this year. Even if you were to sell 3000 cars in a year you’d have to sell at least 8 every day, or more if the state/county has laws about being open on Sundays, or chooses to close for Sundays or another day.

Let’s talk about what this company is not. They’re not super social stars. They do have some social presence, but it’s not hundreds of people interacting on every post, or tens of thousands of fans or followers. They’re not on the highway like many other dealerships today. Although there is easy access nearby to the highway, they’re still in the middle of a town. They also don’t have thousands of reviews posted online, although they do have several hundred.

Let’s talk about what this company is:

They are family owned.  The company has been in the family since the 1920’s.

They are locally focused. Not only are they aware that they are located within a town and not just part of a stretch of highway like most auto dealers, they also get involved locally with their customers and charity programs like Toys for Tots.

They do care about their customers.  The customer reviews typically speak very highly of the people there and their service to their customers.

They do offer both new and used cars and trucks as well as commercial vehicles.  Many auto dealers don’t the depth of inventory and variety of products that they offer.  They’ve expanded their real estate over the past few years as surrounding property has become available.

They do offer service as well as sell cars. This is typical for many auto dealers, but it’s also one of the things that they get a lot of positive reviews regarding.

They’re committed to staying on top of things and update their facilities on a regular basis.  As mentioned earlier not only are they expanding their real estate, they’re also updating their facilities and have done some major updates in the past few years.

You don’t have to be the flashiest, easiest to get to, biggest, or most marketed business in your industry to be successful.  Some of the best things you can do are be the most consistently helpful, offer the most consistent value, and show honest attention to your customers and their needs.

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