Loving Your Business

Valentine’s Day is Tuesday here in the USA.  It’s big business for some businesses and for people as well.  Today I thought I’d share a few thoughts about how you can love your business more and why.

Let’s start of with why.  I was talking with a client about their website and the importance of having a mission or vision statement on the site or at least something that helps reveal the passion of the business owner for their products and services and for their customers/clients as well.  People are often convinced to buy something because someone told them about how great it was or because of the testimonials on a site.  So adding the personal connection of getting to know the owner or the person behind the business and hearing their passion and mission for what they’re offering says that they’re not just interested in potential customers because of their wallets, but because they truly have an interest in making their life better.  The happier you are with your business, the happier your employees will be to work for you and the better experience your customers will have with you.

But we all know that business can be a lot of hard work, and it’s not all fun.  So if you’re looking to love your business a little more the first thing to do is to really sit down and evaluate what’s causing you the most stress, what you like the least, what you enjoy the most, and what you wish you could do now that you used to do.  There are things that you as the person in charge will always be required to do or always have to be involved in. But there are many things you could pass off and with a little better time management you’ll be able to get back to doing some of the things you miss doing or would make you more interested in the business.   But there is one other question you need to answer first: am I really still interested in this business?  Because if you’re really not still interested in and passionate about doing the business you’re in, it’s time for a change, and not just with the activities you do each day, but with your entire career.

If you decide that you’re still passionate about the business but that passion has gotten buried, it’s time to make a commitment to passing off some of the things you dread each day and bringing back the things that make you happier and more invested in the business.  Even doing just one thing you enjoy that is business related each day will help you love your business more.  Maybe that one thing is getting on Facebook and interacting with some of your customers and fans.  Maybe that one thing is actually getting on the floor and helping customers.  Maybe that one thing is creating some of the products you sell.  Or maybe that one thing is brainstorming what could come next.

So what do you love about your business?

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