I Choose Fun

A new month has arrived and this month we’ll be talking about a very important topic: fun! Of course there will be lots of fun ideas shared on the creativity blog as always, but we’ll also be taking a look at applying the concept of fun to our lives, families and businesses on this blog as well. We spend a lot of time on this blog talking about the more serious stuff and about improving our lives because it’s important, and through that success we can have more resources to spend on the fun things of life. But sometimes we let the serious stuff take over our lives and we forget what our real goal is in all of it, and why we’re working as hard as we are.

Yes, we’ll talk about some more serious topics as they relate to having fun this month, but I really want to encourage you to work on finding more balance in your life. Why? Because as adults I don’t think all of us really are as intentional about having fun and really enjoying life as we should be. We have a ton of responsibilities and the constant changes in the world around us may encourage us to work when/while the money’s good.  And that’s a valid point because I do encourage you to have financial reserves, build them up when you’re not spending a lot and also plan for the future.  But when we don’t take any or enough time for fun our productivity and ability to succeed can suffer.

So the place I would encourage you to start this month is with your attitude and being open to having fun.  Don’t feel guilty if you take a day off to go on a field trip with one of your kids.  Don’t kick yourself for taking one morning off from the gym to be with your partner instead.  Don’t look at fun as an option somewhere down the road, choose to make fun an active and consistent part of your life today.


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