Yes and No in Business

I’m a big supporter of doing joint venture opportunities and giving your customers and everyone the most help possible. It’s great when you can share a resource you trust with a friend or client, they know that they’re getting something that you’ve checked out and so they have a little more confidence in deciding to get to know them. But when was the last time you said “no” in your business? I recently had a joint venture opportunity but when I went to check out their site and see what I would be partnering with I didn’t like what I found so I passed on the opportunity. Yes business is about making money and helping people, but you have to be conscious of whether you’re making a connection just to make the connection or if it’s really a good opportunity for you (or is going to reflect well on you and your business or not).

Yes, I did feel kind of guilty passing up what could be a great opportunity, and I know that other people did take advantage of the opportunity to partner with him. But as a business owner you have to have standards when it comes to your business and your customers. It’s about more than just having a set of rules or company handbook that talks about the polished information you’re “supposed” to say. It’s about doing what feels right for you, working with suppliers and people who believe in providing the same kind of experience you do, and have more or less the same outlook towards doing business as you do.

No, no business will ever be exactly what your business is or line up perfectly with your standards, but there’s a big difference between some compromises to make things work for everyone and sacrificing things that are really important to you and your customers. This week ahead I encourage you to take a look at what’s going on in your business and if it’s time to say no to some things. When you say no to things that don’t work well for you, you’re opening yourself up to things that do work well for you.

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