The Feelings of Business

Can you believe we’re rapidly coming to an end of the 2017 holiday season? I know we’ve got 9+ shopping days left before Christmas (depending on when you’re meeting friends and family), and we’re a couple of days into Hanukkah, so there’s still time to connect with your customers and help them have a great season of celebration with their family and friends. As I was thinking about the holiday season and all that goes on, I came back to one of the central themes: emotion. The holidays are filled with laughter and joy, with sharing and caring, with catching up and reminiscing, and sometimes with some tears. I can’t say that I’ve ever been through a Christmas that didn’t evoke strong emotions in me.

So what emotions do your customers feel when they look at your website? What do they feel when they see your name in their email inbox? What do they feel when they see a post from you on social media? What do they feel when they get a package from you? What do they feel when they have an issue or question?

Are they excited to peruse your website? Do they eagerly anticipate your next email? Do they rip open your packages because they can’t wait to get to your products? Do they take the time to leave positive reviews everywhere? Do they feel confident that if they have an issue you’ll help them take care of it? Are they willing to wait for service or a table because they know the wait is always worth it?

Or is it the other way around? That they dread dealing with you when there’s an issue? They delete your emails more often than not because they’re not interesting or informative? Do they leave your website after a few minutes there because they’re annoyed or confused or frustrated? Do they tend to choose your services only as a last resort? Do they unfollow you on social media because they’re tired of you only posting sales content?

In this season where we spend so much time talking about our feelings and experiencing life with each other I’d encourage you to take a minute to talk with some customers and some employees, and check out what’s being said about your business online and find out what kind of emotions your customers (or past customers who haven’t been back to you in a while) are feeling about your business. Are they the feelings you want them to have?  If not you’ve still got a couple of days to make changes for this holiday season, not to mention a new year coming up.

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