Light for the New Year

As we head towards the end of another year and the start of a new one, I wanted to talk about a very holiday topic: light. Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah light is central to the celebrations on trees, hung on houses, candles that are lit and the star in the sky. Even with the New Year celebrations there’s lots of light, from the dropping ball to the fireworks. As people most of us depend on the light outside (the sun), and all of us depend on the light that we create, whether it’s in a bulb or a fire.

We’ve always been dependent on light, but as we’ve grown over the centuries we’ve developed technology that allows us to have light whenever or wherever we need it. I think in some ways we’ve forgotten how crucial the light we have is. We take it for granted that it will be there when we need it. The place I’m currently living in is an old building and has only 2 light switches. I never took a simple light switch for granted before, but now I’m so thankful every time I do have a light switch to use because it means no fumbling around in the dark to find a cord. I’ve got light but I have to work a little harder to use it.

Light has always been treasured because it chases away the darkness. Sometimes what we need is to let some light shine into our lives, illuminating things we can’t see or would try to hide or just plain can’t see. If you feel like you’re leaving 2017 with a lot unaccomplished or feeling frustrated with what did or didn’t happen, maybe you should choose to make 2018 a year of light. You can’t do anything about how the first 11 months went of 2017, they’re over. You’ve got just a few days left in the last month of 2017 if you want to do anything different for this year.

Yes, you can still do something great with this year, there’s no reason to give up, you should cross the line feeling as though you’ve done all you can. But you should also be taking a look at the year ahead and looking to any changes you need to make and any darkness you need to conquer. Let’s finish off this year with a victory, and plan for more victories in the new year, too.

“Personal peace does come to all who follow the light of truth, and thus come out of the darkness of deception.” Hal Runkel

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