The Potential Problem with Taking a Holiday Break

One of the things I work on businesses with is helping them stand out. It’s easy in this day and age to set up an online store and sell some stuff, and it’s even pretty easy to set up a physical business and sell stuff (especially with all the open store fronts). Almost anyone with decent computer experience can sell online. Which is why it’s more important than ever to make sure that you’re unique, you’re likeable and you give people a reason to shop with you.

I love to read and I subscribe to over 100 daily, weekly or bi-weekly newsletters on business topics, not to mention the newsletters I get, as many people do, from my favorite stores and other interests. I know that over the past month the number of emails we’ve gotten has been increased, from the election to Black Friday to now the Christmas and other December celebrations. I know how busy people are and how many things we squeeze into this month.

But over the past week I’ve been getting some newsletters that have stated something along the lines of: ‘this is the last time you’ll hear from us until the new year’ or ‘this will be an extra short newsletter.’ Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important that we respect our customers and what they’re focused on, and we as business owners need to take time to be with our families and friends too. But if you’re doing things right you’ve got people who are anticipating, maybe even eagerly anticipating hearing from you, even though it’s the holidays.  Hearing messages like these make me feel disappointed and sad that I’m not getting what I’m used to getting from the people and businesses I care about.

I would encourage you to really take time to consider what the right balance is between taking a break for the holidays and continuing to give your fans, readers, tribe and customers the quality and quantity that they’re expecting from you. You’ve worked really hard to get to this point in the year, don’t give up on loving and caring for your customers at this point.

Ready for a Revelation?

As we head into the last month of 2017 and think about 2018, this month the topic we’ll be spending some time on is the topic of revelation. I think this is an important topic for us to consider for all aspects of our lives, past, present and future. Let’s start with what revelation means, and then we’ll talk about why we’re discussing it this month.

The dictionary says ‘revelation’ means: “the act of revealing or disclosing; disclosure. Something revealed or disclosed, especially a striking disclosure, as of something not before realized. Exposure.” Sometimes when there’s a revelation it’s not really a good thing, or the revelation reveals something negative that’s been hidden, while other times when there’s a revelation it’s like the sun has finally come out after weeks of rain.

Over the past few years we’ve seen more examples of honesty and openness between people and in business. We’re doing more fact checking, asking more questions, working through the traumas and challenges of our pasts, building relationships and friendships with people who are supportive and not draining, looking for the truth, and getting really good at knowing when there’s BS around. We’re less patient with lies and partial truths and want more authentic, organic, conscious and future-sensitive choices. There’s a clear movement towards being a more “revealed” world.

What about us though? Do we want revelation? Some of us are very eager for revelation, we want to work through what’s frustrating us or holding us back, and we don’t like being where we are, or we just want to be somewhere better. Some of us aren’t in need of personal or professional revelations, but we are on board with the trend towards revelation in the world at large. And others are fighting the revelations as hard as they can, they prefer to be in the shadow world, out for only themselves and not caring about others. But I believe if we really want to leave the world a better place for the next generation, we have to be open to, and seeking out, revelations, and be open to the changes that might have to happen as a result.

What about you? Are you in need of a revelation today?

Memories of Holiday Stories

The holidays are officially here! One of the things I’m thinking about this month is making memories. So today I thought I would share about one of my favorite memories from my childhood: holiday books. If you’re looking for a new story to read with your kids, here are some of my childhood favorites as well as some new holiday favorites (all the links are Amazon links for convenience, none are affiliate links).

The Mitten, Jan Brett

Annie and the Wild Animals, Jan Brett

The Wild Christmas Reindeer, Jan Brett

The Legend of the Poinsettia, Tommy dePaola

The Night of Las Posadas, Tommy dePaola

The Friendly Beasts, Tommy dePaola

Night Tree, Eve Bunting

Christmas Tapestry, Patricia Polacco

The Snowy Day, Ezra Jack Keats

Ox Cart Man, Donald Hall

Brave Irene, William Steig

Winter Story, Jill Barklem

Little Blue Truck’s Christmas, Alice Schertle

How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Dr. Seuss

Polar Express, Chris Van Allsburg

The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving Paperback, Jan and‎ Mike Berenstain

The Berenstain Bears Christmas Tree, Jan and‎ Mike Berenstain 

The Christmas Wish, Lori Evert

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad, Mercer Meyer

Tacky’s Christmas, Helen Lester

Biscuit’s Christmas Storybook Collection, Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Cranberry Christmas, Wende Devlin

Bear Stays Up for Christmas, Karma Wilson

The Twenty-four Days Before Christmas, Madeline L’Engle

One Wintry Night, Ruth Bell Graham

Clifford’s Christmas, Norman Bridwell

Fisher-Price Little People Christmastime is Here

Llama Llama Holiday Drama, Anna Dewdney

Best Christmas Book Ever, Richard Scarry

Christmas Mice, Richard Scarry

What are your favorite holiday stories?