Open To Love

This month we’ve been talking about the topic of possibilities. Today I want to ask you a question that may challenge you: are you open to love? What about being loved or loving others? Before you give a knee-jerk answer, think about your life, your attitude, and your relationships. Do they reflect someone who is loving or has love, or does your life show an absence of love?

In many ways love is a choice, we choose to accept love in our lives or to give it. Sometimes love can sneak up on us like with a pet or an adorable kid, but that’s more often affection than love, at least in the beginning, until we choose to let it become love or not. Sometimes when we choose to love our choice won’t be returned or we love someone who doesn’t love us or loves us in a dangerous way (not true love). But with the exception of loving someone who’s dangerous or hurtful, it doesn’t do us any harm to love someone else, especially if we choose to love others regardless of how they react or respond to our love.

Why choose to love and be open to love? Because let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard to love other people, they can be stubborn, bad communicators and not considerate of our needs and feelings. The person who’s our “one true love” is almost as difficult to find as it is to decide on something to eat at a diner with a 20 page menu. And around half of all marriages end up in divorce. So why bother with love?

I think more of us would be happier if we chose to live with love and let love into our lives. Yes, it’s a bit of a risk to be open to love knowing that others could hurt us, but I know we’d have better relationships with our partners (and our kids) if we truly loved them and showed it on a daily basis, especially in our communications with them.  Being closed to love means you don’t have the opportunity to experience that once-in-a-lifetime relationship and love that you could, not to mention all the little moments where loves surprises you, or moments you could share love and surprise someone else.

Over the next month we’ll be diving into the topic of love. We’ll talk about how to be a better significant other, be a more loving person, deal with the failures and hurts of love and more. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you’d like me to write on next month too, you can share them in the comments. But before we can get to having love in our lives we have to choose love. Why do you choose love?

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