Rethinking Change

As we enter this new month I’m thinking about our new topic of the month and about the whole month of fresh opportunities that lies in front of us. Lots of times we hear that we should be making changes or doing things differently, or we personally feel frustrated or stuck where we’re at and feel we should maybe be doing something different, or we see what’s going on in the world around us and think that we should be doing something different because everyone else is doing something different. It’s healthy to make changes when changes need to be made and it’s good to take some time to experiment and try new things too. But sometimes I think we make changes for the wrong reason or don’t make the right changes.

One important step to take when you’re considering changes is to consider what change options you’ve got, including which are truly feasible and which are either not a good fit for you or not possible at this point of your life. The other thing that I don’t think we take enough time to consider is why we’re considering the change and what we hope to get from the change(s). Asking these questions, especially the second, may show you that the changes you were considering won’t really get you to what you really want. And knowing how much most of us love making changes and going through the change process, why would we bother making changes that won’t get us what we want?

So instead of just saying that you feel like you need to make changes or focusing on the issue, ask yourself first what you’re really wanting, what’s missing or what would help you feel more fulfilled. Once you know what the end game is, you’ll be more prepared to consider what changes really could and should be made, and you’ll be more motivated to work through those changes and get to your goal.

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