Navigating Mistakes

Today I’m thinking about a “favorite” topic: mistakes. Sometimes we make true mistakes where we really had no idea we were about to screw up. Sometimes we make those mistakes that we kinda had an idea that it wouldn’t work out right, but we went for it anyway. Some mistakes are easier to come back from than others. But all mistakes can teach us a valuable lesson if we’re willing to learn it. Mistakes are different from failures because mistakes are something you were wrong about, but a failure is a lack of success. Sometimes mistakes do lead to failures, and sometimes failures can drive us to make mistakes and bad decisions.

In some ways mistakes are like luck that you’ve only got so much influence over what happens. There are certainly some things you can do to have better luck or make fewer mistakes, but there’s also a lot you can’t do. For example one of the simplest topics in regards with luck are lottery tickets, if you want to be lucky with lottery tickets it helps to actually buy one. The same is true with mistakes, if you want to make fewer mistakes one thing you can do is think and really consider your options before you act.

Mistakes, like failures, work best if you admit they happened and own what went wrong. Yes, it’s absolutely allowable to say you had no idea it was about to go wrong, but then you’ve got to move on to fixing the mistake or moving on. For example if you got in a car accident and you honestly didn’t see the other car there and you were paying attention, it was a mistake that you truly didn’t see coming, but you did cause the accident and now you have to fix it.

I think it makes it a little easier to move on when we do accept them and deal with them. If we don’t accept and deal with them, there’s an increased likelihood that you’re going to keep going over and over it, and you’re going to let it keep bothering you and holding you back from living a fulfilling life. So what do you need to accept this week that you’ve been holding on to for no good reason?

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