Customer Service Satisfaction

One of the make-or-break aspects of a business is their customer service.  How do customers feel after contacting you or your business for help?  Typical answers to that question are that some customers feel pleased with the answer they got (they’re happy they got a direct answer to their question), some are satisfied by the contact (it may not have been the easiest conversation but it all worked out OK), some feel that their issue or problem was solved but the customer service wasn’t that great, some don’t get the answer they need, some wait to hear back on an answer, some can’t get through to help, and some feel frustrated by the lack of help.  Essentially there are lots of different experiences that people can have with customer service.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve made enough purchases and contacted enough companies to have experienced all of these at one time or another.  So is there a solution or trick to increasing customer satisfaction with customer service?  I think that customer satisfaction can be greatly increased if the customer is always able to get an answer to their question.   Even if it’s a ‘no’ answer, many people are happy to just get a straight answer to their question.  If  you want to improve on a ‘no’ answer, including other/next steps that could be taken can be helpful to increasing what could be a difficult or disappointing experience into at least a somewhat positive one.

The other thing you can do to greatly improve customer service has to do with languages, and having customer service representatives who are native speakers of the language or languages that the majority of your customers speak.  There’s almost nothing worse than not being able to understand the person on the other end of the phone/chat/email, or having them not understand you.  Investing that little extra in native speakers of the language/languages that your customers speak can make a huge difference in customer satisfaction with customer service.

What kind of customer service are you offering to people who purchase or want to purchase from you?  If your customer service isn’t creating customers and repeat customers, it’s time to make some changes and improvements.

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