We Have To Talk

The other day my partner said the phrase that most people don’t enjoy hearing: “we have to talk.”  I cringed initially, but then I remembered something I read recently that was about this exact phrase.  Let’s face it, often when people say that it’s not a good thing.  Countless relationships have ended with that phrase and lives have been changed because of it.  It’s a very easy way to dive into what can be a challenging conversation.  It’s a statement that’s gotten twisted up in our minds as always being a harbinger of bad things.

But what if it wasn’t a challenging conversation and they just wanted to make sure you made time to catch up with them later?  What if they had something exciting they wanted to share with you?  What if they just wanted your feedback or thoughts on something they’re trying to decide?  What if instead of fearing changes and challenges you had confidence in your ability, your partner’s ability, and your ability together to conquer whatever comes your way?

What if the simple truth is that you’re showing how little trust you’ve got in your partner and your relationship with them when you react negatively over that phrase?

As we finish out another week and head into the new week I encourage you to not think the worst about your relationship, but instead look forward to growing and strengthening your relationship together.  Do be cognizant of the words and phrases and attitude you choose when you talk with your partner, but don’t ever lose sight of the trust you’ve built, experiences you’ve had and time you’ve spent together.

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