The Business of Christmas in July

We’re almost at the end of the month of July, and if you’ve been paying attention and love the holidays, you know that today is a special day. It’s officially 5 months to Christmas! You may have seen the movies on TV, the special offers in stores or people sharing about their Christmas in July plans. Yes, this is actually a thing, and something that those of us who enjoy Christmas and don’t think the official season lasts long enough look forward to.

I was just reminded that this theme originally started as a way for stores to clear out their merchandise that didn’t sell well in preparation for what’s coming in and new for the upcoming holiday season (which is certainly something you can do). But some companies are realizing that there’s a lot of potential to be had by participating in Christmas in July, that has nothing to do with getting rid of last year’s leftovers. Let’s talk about what your business can do with the last few days of July to bring a little holiday spirit to the summer.

First, it’s a great opportunity for winter-seasonal businesses who don’t have lots of sales (or any sales) in the summer. It’s a great opportunity to give a sneak preview of some of the things coming up, to sell some items at a lower sale price, and to offer some exclusive items that are only available now.

Second, it’s a great way to bring a bit of that cool refreshment to the warm summer. Bringing out some of the holiday flavors with a lighter summer flare, bringing back some winter treats for a limited release, and maybe even bring a bit of snow to beat the summer heat. For everyone who’s complaining about the heat you can remind them that winter isn’t as far off as it may seem.

Finally, it’s a great opportunity to do a little play on the holiday themes of Santa, reindeer, lights, and trees, and give them a distinctive summer flare. Bring Santa to the beach, have a tree decorating contest with summer themes, hang traditional holiday lights for a summer game night, and use winter Christmas cookie cutters to shape your summer flavored cookies.

Christmas is one of the most popular celebrations all year long, why not celebrate it more often? What has your business done for Christmas in July?

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