Focused on Me

Over the past week I’ve been seeing a recurring theme and conversation topic, that of being focused on yourself. This focus isn’t about being selfish or about being ignorant of the needs and lives of others, but of choosing to put yourself first. Putting yourself first means that you’re committed to caring for yourself so that you can better care for others. But it’s also about making sure that you’ve got enough for you, that you’re satisfied with your life, that your life and relationships fulfill you, and that you’ve got a career or job that supports you and your future.

I know it can be hard to focus on yourself when there are so many other demands on you, especially if you’re the boss of a new company or parent of a new baby or parent of a special needs child, but even if you pick just one thing that you do for yourself each day you’ll feel more in control and better able to handle all the other things going on in your life.

If you do have more flexibility and more ability to give yourself time but seem to run out of time for yourself and the things you’re interested in doing or need, start by scheduling in yourself to your calendar. Schedule in 10-60 minutes each day that is just for you, whether that’s time you exercise, read a book, meditate, learn a new skill, take a bath, do a puzzle, create a craft, clean and organize the house, or whatever it is that would make you feel better or more fulfilled or less frustrated, or just make you happy. What do you need to make time for in your personal life?

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