A Focus on Growth and Success

This month we started off talking about the focus of a business: the customer. Today I want to talk about a couple of other things we should focus on as a business to succeed in 2018 and beyond.

Focus on clear communications. There are tons of ways you can get really confusing with the words you use, and sometimes it feels like businesses intentionally choose to be confusing with their communications just so customers can’t truly understand what they’re agreeing to. Yes, occasionally there are some terms that need to be used because they are the legal words that have to be said. But more often than not businesses use words that are industry specific or for those with in-depth experience and knowledge. If we want customers to buy from us why wouldn’t we make it easy to understand what they’re getting into? Some businesses do, even going so far as to include those simplified explanations as part of their marketing.

Focus on being fun! While it’s not always fun to buy some of the things we have to buy (i.e. diapers, printer ink, shower curtains, business cleaners), that doesn’t mean that you can’t create a healthy, upbeat environment for your employees and customers. One great example is the Girl Scouts, who could have chosen to sell anything but choose to sell cookies, and do so with a cheery demeanor and cute outfits. It’s really hard to resist their plea for you to buy just a box of their tasty cookies (they freeze after all!). Not sure how you can have some fun in your very not-fun business? Just add a little holiday magic for the 5-10 holidays throughout the year to your storefront and online presence.

Focus on continually innovating. We’ve seen a lot of upheaval in lots of industries over the past few years so it’s more important than ever to be refreshing your offerings, trying new things, and talking with your (best) customers about their pain points and needs. Having a focus on innovating means that your customers and employees won’t get bored, your employees will be able to see the progress you’re making in your industry, and you’ll be able to stay competitive in the rapidly changing business world.

Ultimately it’s about being focused on bringing the best and brightest business you can to the world.  What are you focused on today?

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