Knowledge is Power

We’re proud people. It’s absolutely OK to be proud that you know something or how much you’ve learned or the degree you’ve gotten. It’s not a bad thing to recognize and celebrate your accomplishments. In fact most people focus too often on what’s not right or what has failed and don’t spend any time celebrating what goes right or what they accomplish.

What’s not OK is if that’s all you do or if you let that be a limit for you. The moment you say “I know that” and assume there’s no more to learn or nothing your current knowledge, you’re setting yourself up to fail, because there are very few things that have an end to knowledge, and most people have only tapped into a tiny fraction of the knowledge of the world by the time they die.

The saying “knowledge is power” is right, the more you know the more you’re capable of doing or becoming. When you take the time to learn something new you’re opening the door to a whole new world, a world of possibilities and potential that you can’t imagine now because you haven’t opened the door yet. But trust me, it’s greater than where you are and what you’ve accomplished thus far, even if that’s pretty amazing. You have all the power in the world at your fingertips thanks to the internet, it’s just a matter of tapping into that power.

So go ahead, say “I know that” this week and celebrate what you do know. But once you’ve celebrated what you do know take time to learn something new about what you already know so that you don’t get stuck or stagnant. Go ahead, live and learn a little this week!

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