A Simply Successful Holiday

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are a week away, so it’s time for last minute plans and considerations for your business. There will be a record number of businesses participating this year, already businesses are reaping the rewards of people looking to spend on holiday deals. It’s also a reminder of how much competition there is for all the money being spent. Which brings us to some important questions: Do you try to stand out? Is there anything you can do to get a better hold on some of those potential customers? How much work do you have to put into this weekend or will people just be shopping and you take what you can get? Do we do anything different than we usually do?

With so many people shopping it is a great opportunity to introduce people to your business, and part of that has to do with being there when they’re shopping and/or having what they’re looking for. For business that sell products, yes, that means having the trendy items but it also means having the go-to that lots of people shop for every year. For businesses that sell food and beverages, it’s an opportunity to offer some special grab-and-go meals or sets, and adjust your hours to be open early and late to serve the shoppers out at all hours.

Can you choose to go above and beyond? Absolutely. It’s a great opportunity to throw a holiday party and really start things off right for the holiday season. It’s the season to celebrate, right?! It’s a great opportunity to have one or more very desirable loss-leaders that you promote along with lots of other great products at special prices. It can be a great opportunity to wow people who have never bought from you, as well as really reward your most consistent customers.

But it’s also a great opportunity to just show how amazing you are in general without any real bells and whistles. Help your customers with a smile and holiday cheer, have employees there just for the purpose of keeping the store clean and helping answer customer questions, have your stock well organized so you can refill easily and quickly, take special requests, have a shipping station with packing materials and cards they can purchase so they can send your products to people who are far away without going to a post office, and offer free boxes to people who are buying gifts.

The best decision you may make this holiday season is to just offer the absolute best, most polite, most patient level of products and services you can. Let the holiday cheer you add just be a cherry on top, not an excuse or distraction from a poor business experience. What are your holiday plans?

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