Let’s Talk About Shopping Small

We’ve just had Thanksgiving, Black Friday was today and it’s just a few hours to Small Business Saturday! It’s a chance to recognize, thank, support and celebrate the men and women who are making a difference in communities around the US through their businesses. With the internet and technology today many of those small businesses are able to expand outside of their physical community, but it all started with celebrating the small shops that dot towns across the nation.

The US used to be built on all these little businesses, that’s how your town or city would run. Now we’ve got products and services that we can tap into outside of our little circles, and often without interacting directly with any people, but I still think there’s an incredible value to be found by shopping small. One of the best reasons to shop small are the relationships you can build with people, people who can give you a more personalized service and an experience that typically can’t be created online with the internet separating the buyer from the seller.

Are small businesses perfect? No, of course not. Just like many businesses they most likely have room for improvement too, and some don’t measure up to the quality or value that they could. But unless people get out there and try out those businesses, they’ll never know what kind of treasure is just around the corner from them. And unless small businesses spread the word about their existence the people won’t be able to experience them.

This weekend I would encourage you to visit at least one small business in your community, whether a restaurant, seasonal shop, coffee shop, or seasonal activity, and an online small business. When you check out or pay if you’ve got the opportunity let them know how thankful you are that they’re part of your community, part of the small business community, and that they’re sharing their passions, skills, experience, and knowledge with their community through their business.

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