The Season of Gifts

We’re officially in the holiday season and this month we’ll be talking about all things holiday. We’ll be taking a look at some different holiday topics and how they connect with business, family, relationships and success. Today we’re going to start off talking about gifts.

The word gifts has many meanings, around the holiday season we talk more about giving gifts, but during the rest of the year a popular definition has to do with the gifts or talents, skills and abilities that we each have. I would also say that there’s a gift some people have for giving gifts and picking out ones that will really be special to the recipient, too. The practice of giving gifts not only shows that we care about others, it brings a sense of fulfillment and joy to the giver as well.

The holiday season itself is a gift because it’s the time that most of us take a step back from letting life run us and we choose more of where we go and who we see. We also typically slow down duirng the holiday season and do some reflecting on life and what’s important to us. It’s also the time we spend mentally wrapping up the year and preparing for the next.

With this gift of a holiday season what are you planning to do? Will it be the time of year for you to get things organized at your home or business? Will it be the time that you work on repairing or growing your relationships? Will it be the fresh start you take for your personal growth or physical health? Will it be the time you rededicate yourself to spiritual growth? What gift will you give this holiday season to those you love as well as yourself?

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