Moments of Peace

One of the topics we’ve talked about this month is the topic of peace.  It’s a word that we typically think about when we see the snow sweetly falling, watch the crackling logs in the fire, and hear the story of Jesus in the manger.  It’s not typically a word we apply to Christmas morning with the kids or midnight as New Years Eve turns into New Years Day.   But if you really think about it, there is something fulfilling that brings an intense feeling of satisfaction as you sit and watch the kids around you with their newly-opened gifts, it’s almost a sense of peace if you think about it.

Peace isn’t always about that present-perfect feeling, about having a perfect moment that has nothing else intruding and nothing else involved except that peaceful feeling.  Sometimes it’s simply feeling the sensation that comes along with a job well done or feeling fulfilled or satisfied.  It doesn’t mean your kids won’t frustrate you, your partner won’t forget things and you won’t have bad hair days.  It doesn’t mean that every single aspect of your life is perfect or at peace, just that in that moment you’re at peace.

As we enter the new year in a few hours I would encourage you to make this a year of moments.  Welcome and cherish the moments of peace that you encounter.  Dig deep to find the courage you need to navigate the challenges and take action to conquer them.  Choose to invest in the relationships that will fulfill you the most and you can invest in with a clear conscience.  Choose to be at peace with what this new year will bring, knowing that you’re going to face it head on as best you can giving it your best effort.

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