The Choice of Hope

Tomorrow is Easter, primarily celebrated in the religious world, but also a time for families with kids to play with eggs, tell stories about the Easter bunny and eat candy. What I want to talk about today is central to both sides of the Easter story, and that’s the topic of hope. Just like Valentine’s Day is important because it gets us talking about love and the importance of it in our lives, Easter is a time for us to talk about new life and hope.

As leaders, as people the next generation looks to, it’s important to set a good example for them, and one of the most important aspects is in the area of hope. There will always be challenges to face in life, however we do have a choice how we deal with them. Even if we don’t have the skills needed or knowledge needed to conquer the situation, having hope can help us get through it with courage and keep moving forward. It’s almost as important to teach the next generation about things like hope and courage, as it is to teach them about math and reading.

Hope isn’t only about having a positive outlook on the future even if the future doesn’t look so positive, it’s about taking actions to breathe new life into your situations, into your life, into your relationships, bringing that positive outlook closer to reality. It’s about choosing to be stronger than your circumstances, not letting fear overly influence your decision making, helping others with a kind word or deed, choosing life over suffering, moving forward even when it feels like you’re moving backwards, and looking for the good in each person and day.

Tomorrow is a chance to start fresh with yourself, your family, or your life if you need to. We can choose hope, we can choose to teach hope, but hope can’t be forced on us. Will you choose hope?

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