Small Business Success Smarts Part 2

In just a few days Small Business Week 2019 begins (May 5-11).  I took a look to see what the official website shares about this event and was reminded of some important facts: “More than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and they create about two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. each year.”  So if you had any doubt how important the small businesses of the world are, you shouldn’t.

As I was thinking about what to write I went back to look at last year’s post and want to take a bit of a different take on some of the things I shared last year.

One of the things I’m always talking about (and will always talk about) is information and communication.  When it comes to small businesses yes, there’s a lot to manage, but one of the most important and one of the best ways you can stand out as a small business is to get really good at sharing lots of information and communicating well.   I’m always amazed when I see how little information some businesses provide.   Products (including books) span the gamut from sufficient detail to absolutely none, but one of the best examples of a product/service business that consistently fails to provide sufficient details in this internet information age are real estate agents/listings. How long does it really take to write up a 10-20 sentence description of your product including relevant measurements?  How long does it really take to take some appropriate photos?  Providing more detailed information is one way to get your products and services to sell quicker and better.

The next thing on the list is community.  When was the last time you did something in your physical or online community?  Go back to the very name of what many people love, social media, and think about when the last time was you were social (i.e. interacting with other people not on your own posts)?  When was the last time that you helped connect two people or organizations that you thought would benefit from knowing each other?  When was the last time you participated in something in your home community where you live?

Finally, small isn’t bad, it’s not a dirty word and it should not make you feel shame.  There’s nothing wrong with not desiring world domination, choose to do the very best for each and every customer your small business interacts with.  Make them feel special, use your size to your advantage rather than seeing it as a hindrance or obstacle.  Celebrate each and every little thing that makes you special and gives you an advantage over other (larger) businesses.

What do you love about your small business?

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