In the Business of World Domination

I read an interesting article recently about SEO, and specifically about how significantly you can increase your traffic by incorporating a more global approach. I’m all for going global, I’ve worked with clients on every continent in the world except Antarctica. Technology has allowed us to work with people around the world, creating fantastic partnerships and mutually beneficial opportunities. It means that we’re able to better communicate things like medical research and shave years if not decades off of illnesses that would do or are doing a lot of harm to the world.

One thing this article brought up was the suggestion of having the site offer translation options. I visit sites all the time that aren’t in English and use browser translators or cut and paste portions into Google or another translator and it just doesn’t cut it. There’s a lot that gets lost in translation. So if you really want to go global you really need to have the site properly and authentically translate into the appropriate languages, with the assistance of a native speaker. But thinking about this brought me to the point I really want to talk about today, and that’s the question of if it’s worth doing or thinking before jumping in.

I absolutely could have my site be translated into multiple languages. However, I primarily offer advice, so what good will it really do me to translate my site into languages that I don’t speak, to reach customers I can’t communicate with? For low ticket offers I certainly can (and do) do some translating back and forth and it will probably be sufficient, but I won’t commit to a year-long consulting/coaching package with someone that I can’t speak easily and comfortably with because I won’t be able to work with them as well as I would like.

The point is, there are tons of things you can do, tons of things you can invest in, tons of ways you can spend your resources, but they don’t all make sense for your business. As I read in another article, “It doesn’t make sense to spend a dollar to save 30 or 40 cents.” So this week I encourage you to be proactive about growing your business and better reaching your customers, but think before just jumping on an opportunity and make sure it’s a good investment for your business.

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