Ready for Ideas?

I’m a supporter of change in many aspects of our lives. I think we resist change because we can’t always see the benefit or think it will be too difficult to make a reality. As business owners it’s partially our job to help make change possible and doable for the rest of the world. A great example is the Uber/Lyft companies of the world who have changed how people move around places, also doing more for keeping drunk drivers off the road than has been done in a long time because it’s easier and less expensive to get a ride than going with a taxi or limo service.

This week Amazon had their annual meeting and all 12 resolutions that were brought before the board failed. While it may be typical for there to be a back-and-forth before any resolutions are adopted by a board or company, it got me thinking about how sometimes ideas aren’t that good and businesses rush into things before it’s time or without proper support. Sometimes we get what is a really good idea but don’t think through both or all sides of it and how it would affect others.

One of the recent reports I heard was about workers wanting to be paid on a more immediate basis and not every 2 weeks. While I totally understand the desire behind this idea, many in the business world would have to make some big changes to make this possible. Why I’m not sure this will easily be able to be brought about is because the business world isn’t paid on a daily basis. We often wait months for the full contract fee to come through, we don’t all pay suppliers immediately, and we use credit as much as the general population does. So the financial end of the business world will need to speed up and be more on-time than it currently is if that’s to become a reality, which wouldn’t be a bad idea for businesses or people.  The whole other side of the conversation is lack of planning and lack of funds saved for periods where the finances are a little short, which isn’t a conversation we’re going to get into today.

The point is there are lots of great ideas being brought to light every day. Many have to do with making sure that our people are better cared for, and that everyone has a voice, both of which are very important. But before we jump into something that we aren’t prepared for or the world isn’t prepared for, maybe we should do some back-and-forth before trying to launch to the world.  What ideas are you working on that could help make positive change?

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