Commitment Choices

Today I want to ask you a question: what are you committed to? Commitment isn’t a topic that everyone talks about because it’s not a word we use very much. However, by definition it’s something that our actions show each and every day. Commitment is a pledge or promise; obligation; engagement; involvement; and/or devotion. I add that last definition in because it’s important to remember that commitment isn’t always a bad thing. Commitment can be a very good thing, a very rewarding thing.

It’s good to be committed to your health, to the people you love, to caring for the world around you. Commitment becomes a challenge when we commit to things we can’t follow through on because we don’t have the capabilities or take on too many commitments. Overcommitment is almost a way of life for many these days unfortunately, it’s one reason why burnout is a very real issue. So the question becomes how do we navigate commitments in a way that doesn’t completely stress us out while still allowing us to build relationships, make money, and do good in the world?

For some of us balance is the answer, and that balance may look like working hard 6 days a week and being completely off one day a week. For others that looks like having 2 hours to themselves each day. For others that looks like setting a schedule and actually keeping to it so that they don’t overcommit. For some it means having an accountability partner who keeps them focused on what needs to get done so it gets done and makes sure they don’t over commit. For some it simply means taking the time to figure out what really matters and only committing to those things going forward.

Time is the biggest indicator of what you’re committed to, what are you spending time on? Is it what you want to be spending time on, and if not how can you change your priorities and commitments to be more in line with what you want in your life?

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