Frustrated With Failure

Today I’m feeling frustrated. I’m frustrated at the limitations we sometimes experience with our bodies. I’m frustrated that sometimes at the worst times possible things that seem so reliable (planes, phones, buildings) fail us. I’m frustrated that even with all the testing and trial we do some products still don’t work as they’re supposed to. I’m frustrated that all these things fail. I’m frustrated that we’re left holding the (empty) bag when all is said and done. I’m frustrated that some people seem like they just keep getting kicked and never get a break.

Failure is part of our growing experience.  Ask anyone who has experience growing plants and food, they will tell you that there are many factors that can affect the success of their crops and that even when they’ve learned the best practices and are following through with them, sometimes it still doesn’t work out because of something outside of their control.  The failure is almost more frustrating then because you’ve done everything right and it still didn’t work out.

But at the same time, when you’ve done everything right and something outside of your control gets in the way and you fail, it’s almost easier to pick yourself back up again and try again because you know how well it was going before and assuming there won’t be another exterior factor that interferes, you know what to do to be successful.

Failure is a hard lesson to be taught though, and it’s frustrating too when some people don’t seem to fail at all, they just seem to get lucky or get it right all the time.  But if you were to sit down with those people, chances are good they would have stories of failure they could share, even if they seem relatively inconsequential like a recipe turning out terrible for dinner the other night or accidentally putting a wrong item in the wash and everything turning a color.   These are more mistakes than failures, and a mistake is a level of failure, just not on the level of failing to grow a company or not having a successful growing season or the relationship not lasting.

Failure will typically beat you down. The question is what comes next.  Do you stay in the frustrated stage or do you work to pick yourself up and find some way to move on, even if it’s in a completely new direction?  There’s nothing that says you have to get it right the first time, just don’t give up when you experience a failure.

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