Standing Together

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may know that I watch many of those TV murder/crime investigation shows. In them the cops always have to deliver bad news to someone. Many will tell you it’s always the hardest and worst part of their job. I can believe this because as horrible as it is to see what we humans do to each other, a murder victim is dead and you can usually put some separation between them and you. But when you deal with humans who are alive, the situation and the tragedy is just that much more real. Many times on the TV shows you’ll hear a cop say that they don’t know what a family is going through, but they recognize their suffering and are sorry the family is going through this.

One of the stories in the news is that Duchess Meghan visited the location where a female college student was murdered during the Royal’s tour in Africa. I find it fascinating that with all that she has on her plate, the news of one young lady’s murder captured her attention enough to feel the need to pay her respects to this young lady’s life. This young lady is one of many who are murdered each month, and with each individual who is killed are dozens or hundreds still living who are affected by their untimely death. Thankfully I can’t say I’ve personally experienced the pain those families and friends are going through, and I don’t know that Duchess Meghan can either. But her visit wasn’t about saying to the world I know their pain, but rather about respect and standing with them through this difficult time.

What it all comes back to is the importance of and value in just being there for someone and standing with them through their difficult time. It’s just like when you go to the funeral of someone who passed recently not because you knew them but because you want to support someone who you have a strong connection with who loved them. If someone from a royal family can make time out of their very busy schedule to not only know about a tragedy but to show up in honor, I’d say we all could do a better job of showing up for each other. You don’t have to have personal experiences that you can relate to if you’re going to stand up with someone, you just have to show up and be there for them in whatever ways they need support.

Who will you stand up and support today?

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