A Life of Moments

This week I’ve been reading my business book of the month which I’ll be sharing about in the coming week on the topics of creating moments, and it’s got me thinking about the moments in our lives that have nothing to do with commercialism or marketing (although some of those moments can be pretty awesome). Most of us don’t have memories like a video camera, rather we remember snapshots or short clips from different times during our lives, which usually amounts to only a portion of our lives. When we think about them it’s often like we’re right back there in that moment, that’s how clear our memories are. Those memories/moments are often based in or surrounded by strong emotions, both positive and negative ones.

I don’t think we should have a goal of trying to create a “moment” out of every second of our lives. For one, it would take the magic from true moments. I also think it would be too frustrating if we tried to make everything a ‘moment’ and most of it didn’t work out that way and wasn’t even close to what we tried to make it. However, I do think we can do a better job with not only having moments, but teaching our kids to embrace life and working ourselves on thriving more than surviving. To get to more moments we have to live, do, be, see or have more.

One simple example are books. I absolutely love to read and there are tons of new books that are published each day. No one will have an interest in every book, and not every book will be good let alone readable. But you have to be willing to take a chance on some books if you want to find the really great ones. Because those really great ones are worth wading through some that are just OK or those that aren’t even worth finishing. So maybe the answer to having more moments in our lives that are worth remembering for years to come is simply to try more.

So this week with your kids (and your partner) I encourage you to try a little harder, do something a little different and lean into experiences that could create moments.

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