Whole Living: Kindness

It’s the first full week in November, a month of kindness and thanksgiving.  I’m excited to spend this whole week talking about what it means to be kind.

To start off, let’s address the big question: why?  If the world is full of people who do kindness for one day and bad things for the other 364, what’s the point?

Maybe you’ve seen some of those commercials for auto insurance I believe where people do something kind for someone and someone else sees it and because that other person did something kind, they go on and do their own act of kindness, kind of a domino effect.

The thing is that you don’t know which one of the 20 people on the street corner that watch you help that old lady across the street will be impacted.  You don’t know if by helping a coworker with something at work that they won’t go home and spend time with their kids instead of doing work.  You don’t know if by sending out a tweet or Facebook message that you’ll help someone find the strength to get out of bed another day.  It’s kind of like the best game of Monopoly in the world-except someone always gets to go to “go” and earn $200.  Maybe it’s you this time, maybe it’s the lady in the next door apartment, maybe it’s the homeless man on the street.

It may seem like a silly thing to hold a door for someone, bring in bagels to work, offer to help someone with a project or read a book with your kids, but you never know how your little act of kindness will help someone.  The moral of the story is that kindness is never a waste.  Look for ways this week especially that you can do something kind for someone else.