Why You Might Really Hate Change

I talk about change a lot because it’s absolutely essential to our continued success.  Not everything changes all of the time, but there comes a time that something will change that will impact your business if you don’t prepare for it with changes or change in response to it.  But many of us struggle with change, simply because we like things how they are or aren’t interested in doing the work that’s necessary if we do decide to change.  Because it’s something that so many of us struggle with I spend a lot of time each week reading and thinking about how to better help us deal with it when it happens.  So this week in my readings I found a statement that totally blew me away because it’s so true and yet says something really ridiculous about us.

“People aren’t opposed to change nearly as much as they are opposed to change they didn’t think of.” Carey Nieuwhof

Yep, that makes us sound really bad.  How immature are we if we only like change because we thought of it? How huge is your ego to think that you’re the only one with any good ideas?  But ultimately it comes back to us being unwilling to recognize how essential to our lives, health, success and finances it is to be willing to trust others and work with them rather than against them.

What if I told you that there was one thing that you needed to do and if you did it it would bring you all the success you wanted?  You probably know where I’m going with this, it’s simply to learn to be a better partner in this great world we live in.  If we learned how to work together we would all end up with more of what we want and need, and less of what we don’t want.

When we all bring our personal strengths to the table, when we all contribute and discuss ideas, when we all take part in making things happen, we have the potential to change the world in amazing ways that have not yet been conceived of because we have not yet been willing to accept the brilliance of others.

This week I encourage you to do some evaluating.  We’re getting into the busiest time of the year for many businesses so now is the last chance you have to set yourself up for success and making a lasting impression on the customers that visit you in the next 3 months.  Don’t dismiss an idea just because it came from a stockist, secretary, intern or customer, instead consider what they’re actually trying to tell you, and the ways they’re trying to help you be more successful.

Putting the Puzzle Together

We’ve reached another school season, another year of making new friends, playing with old ones and growing older and hopefully smarter.  There are lots of challenges kids face as they go back to school and work through another year, one of the biggest is the other students they meet.  Most parents like to believe that their kid is perfect and amazing and has very few faults.  But just as we know how unique the other adults in our lives are, the same is true for kids: they know they’re each different and those differences can be seen as threats or weaknesses depending on the child and the group they’re with.  What would be seen as a weakness by one group is seen as a strength by another group.  The teachers they interact with also play a role: the differences that make them unique and could give them a solid future will be supported, discouraged or ignored depending on the teacher.  Just because a kid is different doesn’t mean they’re any less valuable or special.  But it can be hard to teach that to kids, especially if we’re not living that way.

I’m not a big competition person.  I don’t like to sit and talk about how much more I made this year than you or how many clients I have or how much more awesome I am at this or that.  I don’t like to compare myself to others because I know I’m unique and special and there is no one else I can really compare to other than myself.  I know this isn’t true for everyone, lots of people thrive on competition, hence all the sports and reality shows on TV and around the world. I can appreciate that.  What I can’t appreciate is a lack of respect for other people or those that don’t engage in competition and hardballing.  The only thing that I believe should bring about a lack of respect is abuse or violence.

I’d much rather work together in our different ways to make the world a better place.  I love the world that we have but know that there is a lot that we could be doing to treat ourselves and our world better like recycling, not being wasteful, exercising and loving more.   My encouragement to you this week would be to see how you can fit your piece of the puzzle with someone else’s and make it work even though you’re different.

“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”
Albert Camus

The Purpose of Going Places

On Wednesday we talked about the importance of taking action, so today I thought we’d talk about the impact that taking action can have on your family and your relationship.  The biggest benefit to taking action for your family and relationship is that amazing doors can open up and you and your family will be exposed to things that can stretch and grow you.  This is a big part of what it means to be a kid: having experiences that will stretch your mind and give you experiences that you can learn from and build onto and apply as an adult.

The traveling that we did when I was a kid opened my mind to the fact that everyone is unique, special and that there is potential for something new and amazing anywhere you look.  Just because it seems like a town of shacks compared to living near a big city like New York, doesn’t mean that there aren’t really cool things to discover there; you just have to be open to being OK with things being different than you’re used to.

The more games you play, places you go, things you try, foods you make, and experiences you pursue, the quicker you’ll build up your knowledge base, allowing you to excel at work, and better understand and work with the people you come into contact with.  Why? Because you have more knowledge to work from, and you know what has or hasn’t worked in the past and in what situations, and can apply that knowledge going forward.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that you’ll find a place that really feels right to you in your travels, or people that you want to spend more time with and possibly the rest of your life.  It’s people like these that make the traveling more exciting, and life more worthwhile.

“The more one does and sees and feels, the more one is able to do, and the more genuine may be one’s appreciation of fundamental things like home, and love, and understanding companionship.” Amelia Earhart

Fresh Food for Summer

With summer just a few weeks away today we’re taking time to look at some delicious recipes that you can use to incoporate more fresh fruits and vegeables into your diet!  Yummy choices like tomatoes, corn, strawberries, peaches, blueberries, tomatoes, corn, zucchini, cherries, melons, peppers, avocados, and more are great choices to add to your diet, as well as taste yummy when combined with other ingredients.


Whole wheat zucchini chocolate chip bread

Baked zucchini sticks and sweet onion dip

Zucchini fritters

Grilled zucchini rolls with herbs and cheese

Avocado, bacon and tomato sandwich

Avocado and corn tostaditas

Confetti corn

Corn chowder

Sweet corn with baby beets and basil

Stuffed cherry tomatoes

Tomato and beet salad

Grilled portabello mushrooms

Grilled eggplant flatbread

Eggplant Parmesan

Roasted tomato and eggplant soup

Roasted red pepper and walnut dip

Shaved summer salad

Grilled summer vegetable paninis

Balsamic grilled vegetables

Summer rolls

Summer soup

Veggie melt

Veggie dip

Veggie chips


Mango salsa

Strawberry shortcake

Strawberry rhubarb pie

Rustic peach tart

Peach cobbler

Peach jam

Stone fruit compote

Watermelon slushies

Blueberry hand pies

Blueberry muffins

Blackberry oat bran muffins

Blackberry skillet cake

Sour cherry pistachio crisp

Raspberry scones

Raspberry swirl cheesecake

Cherry chocolate chunk ice cream

Cantaloupe, tarragon and vodka sherbet

Tropical fruit with lime dressing

Summer fruit pizza

 What are you growing and cooking this summer?

Social Smarts

Today is our third week in April’s discussion of health.  First we talked about physical fitness, then mental health, and today we’re talking about a very popular topic: social health.  Go anywhere and you’ll see the Facebook icon, an invitation to chat with someone or an invitation to bring 50 of your closest buddies out for a drink that weekend to see your favorite band. The undeniable fact that has finally been addressed with Social Media is that we are in fact social people.  We thrive on our interactions with others, and when we’re alone we’re just not the same.  Our relationships with others are truly gifts, and we’re so fortunate to be living in a time when it’s easier than ever to communicate or be social with just about anyone.

Is the answer to all our needs to have 5000 friends, 10,000 followers, a ton of subscribers or an email list that rivals the number of invitations to certain parties?  No, definitely not.  We each have different social needs.  Some of us do well with just 100 people we have in our circles, both close friends and simply acquaintances, others love having lots of people to connect with and learn from.  Finding the right balance is something we each must do, and we must be able to accept that we need what we need, and not what others need.

There are a couple of truths that are necessary to put forward, first that we all need some socializing in our lives, and second that we can learn to be better socially.  You may not think those are good things, but they really are.  It’s amazing what can happen when people come together with a purpose or goal like rebuilding a town, curing cancer or teaching skills to in-need mothers.  We’ve come up with lots of amazing ideas, inventions, solutions and fun when we’ve come together.

This week I encourage you to get out there and spend time with friends.  Make that coffee or beer date, take a walk, meet for dinner or just call a friend to check in.

Let’s Accomplish it Together

“No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helps you.”  Wilma Rudolph

There’s a lot to talk about this month, but first I want to start with the perspective shared by Rudolph: alone we are little, together we are much.  If you want to bring this truth to the simplest terms it would be that neither you nor I would be here today without the parents who created us, either naturally or with assistance.   Without them you couldn’t make any accomplishments.  After that, if you didn’t have a good home life you probably had other people come up around you and support and encourage you.  Even now you’ve got help from the people who created the software, technology, equipment and other resources you’ve used to become a success.

It’s important, essential even, to celebrate the successes you’ve had.  It’s important to recognize the progress and what you’ve done.  But with your celebrations time needs to be taken to recognize the people who helped you get there, even if you don’t do it as publicly as they do on the Oscars or other award shows.  Remembering this and honoring them helps keep you humble and honest.  Not too many people like others who are self righteous and act all knowing.

Whether you’re the big CEO in all the papers or the little guy making the big CEO look good, we all have a role to play and without each other not much would get done.  We’re not all cut out to be CEO’s and not all of us can do the tasks that others could do without mistake in their sleep.

Not everyone will get the recognition they deserve.  It’s simply too overwhelming to begin to list all the people who have helped me get to where I am now.  But I take time every day to be thankful for them and ask God to bless them whether they know the role they’ve played in my life or not.

Where does it begin?  Simply with saying ‘thank you’ more often.  This week I do encourage you to express your thanks more often, but I also encourage you to reach out and ask for help.  Together we can accomplish more than each of us can separately.