Cost-Sensitive Sales

If you’re struggling to make sales, or aren’t making the sales you want, chances are good that you’ve thought of all kinds of things you can do to have more sales including adding more products to your inventory, doing paid ads, moving to a trendier location, adding more sales people to your sales team, or redoing something (like your store, your products, your packaging, your website etc.) Some of these things can get to be expensive, and you may not have a lot to spend right now. Unfortunately, you may have to spend at least a little to get in some more sales, but there are somethings you can do to bring in more sales without raising the overhead too much. Today’s post is a little longer than usual but there are lots of ideas in it to help you increase sales and be more profitable.

First and foremost is addressing something that too many companies aren’t addressing in their marketing, including on their website and social accounts: who are you, why you do what you do, and what makes you different. Maybe you really aren’t much different as far as the products or services you offer, but because you’re running the business, your business is different than any other one out there. How you approach business, the people you hire, the things you offer are all a little different because you’re behind the business, but people don’t know that unless you say so.

Another thing you could try is reusing existing supplies or technology in new ways. For example maybe you buy decorative boxes that you sell as the packaging for your gift box sets (spa day, wine inspired, new baby etc.), but some people may be interested in buying just the boxes for their own purposes, so you could offer them as a separate purchase. For technology, maybe you do embroidery on shirts that companies buy to resell from you, but you could use the same technology to embroider logos on shirts for companies, or embroider initials on towels for hotels or for newlyweds.

You can also look for products that you can resell, including digital products and items that you never touch. For example if you create dog leashes you could find some products on Amazon to sell (aka drop shipping), or a digital video course on training your dog you can sell as an affiliate.

Another way to increase sales with a physical location is to give your location a fresh coat of paint and do the deep cleaning you may have been putting off. Everyone prefers to shop in a neat and tidy space. Even when the atmosphere suggests that it’s a dark and mysterious type location that doesn’t mean that you need to have dirty floors, peeling paint or a kitchen (or back office) that hasn’t been cleaned since you moved in.

As for the people-cost concern, something I’ve always suggested are working with interns from high schools and colleges. Adding them to your team even for 1-6 months gives you the extra hands or bodies you need and gives them real world experience that they can apply to their future job, gives them the opportunity to try something out, or fulfills that school credit they have to get in the community. Especially when it comes to technology students are great to work with because they know the technology far better than many because they’ve been exposed to it for longer and understand it in ways that it may take some of us years to ever get, if we ever get it at all.

There are lots of free and low-cost marketing opportunities as well, from social media to guest blog posts, to media interviews. The only catch there may be that you have to do the work of finding blog post and media opportunities and letting them know why they should share you with their audience.

Now, the question you’ve got is cost. Yes, depending on how you’ve had your website done or you’ve done your website there may be some cost there (if you don’t have a website set one up now using any number of free services or contact an agency or tech expert for help). You may also have to buy more of something you already buy, but there could be a good chance for a (higher) discount then and you could take advantage of that and spread the cost around. And yes, you may have to pay a minimum wage for the interns (many programs require it), but it’s usually far cheaper than what a regular employee would cost you (and you may decide to hire them later which would save you future training costs). Most of these suggestions though require more of your time than your finances, but all of them require that you really commit to doing better and helping more people. These are just a few of the ways you could grow your business and reinvigorate sales, what will you do today to move your company forward?


Expectations of Something More

Do you get up every day with a list of expectations for yourself, the people in your life and the world around you? Lately I’ve been taking time to consider my expectations of the world and think about what they might be and what I really want out of my life.  Part of it has to do with the passing of a family friend, part of it has to do with the hate I’ve been seeing some people share, and part of it has to do with wanting more out of life because life’s really not worth wasting.

This month one of the things we’re talking about is the topic of fun and I think fun has an important role to play in making sure we make the most of our lives.  It can be both a motivator of encouraging us to get the work done so we’ve got the resources to have fun as well as one to make the time to have that fun and take time off as well.  We do have an expectation of making sure we care for our families, and I think it’s an important one to uphold.  There are people around the world who don’t make decisions in light of how it will affect the people who matter the most to them.  But in the same conversation we do have a responsibility to be part of our loved ones lives, and not at work all the time trying to provide for them.

So what’s a person to do? If you’re at work working tons of hours because you’re not making enough per hour/day to support your family, it’s time to upgrade and update your skill set.  If you’re at work all day because you work on a fantastic cause, it’s time to get some new people involved.  If you’re at work all the time because you don’t want to be with your family, it’s time for a serious evaluation of and conversation about your life.  If you’re spending all your time on fun and avoiding the work there must be a reason why.  Maybe it’s because you really don’t enjoy your work, or maybe simply because reality hasn’t smacked you yet.   Whatever the case is I encourage you to take a look at your expectations for your life present and future and see if where you’re at and how your days currently go line up with that expectation.

Reflection Time

I’m still doing some reflecting and considering as we work into this new year.   2016 felt like being in a cement mixer at times for some of us, it certainly didn’t seem like a smooth ride personally or in the world.  As I’ve been reading a number of posts at the end of the year and the beginning of this one, I identified with what a number of people were saying about the year that just ended and how they felt about it, what they ended up doing in that year and of course where they’re headed in this new year.

For many 2016 ended up being a year of personal growth, not so much professional, although plenty of people and companies did have a very successful year.  For some 2016 was so bumpy that it was hard to even identify or understand that until new year reflections happened.  So if your year was anything like mine, I’m going to encourage you to work through these questions over this week before you give up on your resolutions and/or before you make final decisions about where you want this coming year to go:

What was your best memory?
What was your worst memory?
What was your biggest accomplishment?
What was your most satisfying victory?

What goals do you have for 2017?
What relationships are you going to create or work on in 2017?
What do you want to stop doing in 2017?
What needs to most change in 2017?

Just how good can life get?
Will this be a courageous year for me?
What will make you happy?
What will you love?

As I do my own reflecting and consider where I’m taking things this year, I’d love to hear from you what you would like from me in this blog and/or in what I offer in my business? How can I best help you make more victories in your life and what are you struggling with?

Opinions for Business Growth

Last week we talked a little about the benefit and challenge of options in business. I’ve been thinking about this from a bit of a different perspective this week, that of opinions.  Every day I meet business owners and (regular individuals) looking to improve something (or many somethings) in their business (or life).  Maybe they don’t understand using social media, maybe they’re struggling to get sales, maybe they’re struggling with a disconnect between their business and potential customers, maybe they’re struggling to lead their business, maybe they’re struggling with their marketing, or maybe they’re so stuck they have no idea anymore what needs to be improved, only that it’s not going as they would like it to.

We’re not going to answer the many questions therein directly today, instead what we’re going to talk about is the improvement aspect. I believe that everyone, every business and every person, has room for improvement.  Depending on where we are in our life’s journey some of us have more need for improvement than others.  Often it’s necessary to get an outside perspective on what isn’t working and/or how to improve.  Sometimes once some of us know what’s not working we’re able to tap into our resources and fix or change things.  But other times we need the support of others to make the needed improvements.  It’s not wrong or bad to need help from others, it’s part of what makes the world go ’round.

I believe that everyone should get opinions from others throughout the life of their business.  Not all of your customers will leave feedback or tell you what they think isn’t great, sometimes they’ll just silently play a role in your business, and other times the opinion they give you is more about them than your business, so it’s necessary to reach out and get opinions.  I fully support getting help and asking for opinions, but there are a few things to consider when asking for an opinion.  First, it’s my opinion no matter how much research I’ve done in a field or years of knowledge and experience I have.  It may not be the opinion of someone else.  It also may not be that of your ideal customer.  Finally, my opinion isn’t the only one out there.

So while I have lots of ideas about how you can improve your business or what you could do differently, it’s always a good idea to check it against your mission and vision as a business and that of you as a business owner (an essential reason to have a mission and vision).  Because while my ideas may help you reach customers, it may not be the ideas you need to hear right now.

I share all this not to discourage you from seeking the opinions and feedback of others, in fact it makes me want to get even more feedback as a result.  It’s a reminder to stay humble, to consider others and to take all of life with a grain of salt.  I encourage you to worry less about perfection this week and more about helping others.

Asking A Better Question

As business owners one of the best ways to have a breakthrough in our business or with a client is to ask the right questions.  It’s not always easy to know what questions to ask, and sometimes we think we’re asking the right question only to keep getting frustrated because it turns out that we’re not asking the right question.  So today I’ve got a whole bunch of questions that may be new to you that you could try when you get stuck with an issue.  Some are questions you an ask to someone else, others are those you can use in your own thought processes.

What should questions do?

They should empower, challenge assumptions, re-frame issues, stretch the person/people asking, and encourage breakthrough thinking.

Question Disclaimers:

Sometimes you’ll get an answer you weren’t expecting or wanting to hear.  Sometimes you’ll need to ask another question to get deeper into the heart of the matter.  Sometimes a vague question is good, other times you want to be specific.  Not everyone can give you an instant answer, don’t be afraid to wait for the answer (unless you’re looking for that first impression). You expect a response when you ask a question, and those who are giving the answer expect to be given some kind of feedback on their answer.  Sometimes ‘I don’t know’ is the answer you get.

Let’s talk about some questions to ask yourself to ask the right question:

Do I need a factually correct answer?

Do I need an expert opinion?

Do I need a well-reasoned judgment?

Do I want the truth or the answer they think I want to hear?

Is yes/no sufficient, or do I want more?

Do I really want an answer?

And now some questions you might try:

What’s the RONI — the Risk of Not Investing?

When did you last do something fun?

What can I do to help you?

Do I want to add value?

Do your core values make business sense?

What do you stand for?

Who do you serve?

What is your competitor’s plan to win?

Is it helping?

What is the one thing you have postponed changing about yourself? Are you prepared to make that change now?

Are you a good friend who keeps your word all the time?

Would you offer a good friend much needed (uninvited) advice when you can see he/she is headed for disaster, or remain silent?

Are you open to receiving uninvited counsel from a good friend if the situation were reversed?

Is it more important for you to win the power game or to know the truth?

What is more important to you – wealth or love? (No, you can’t have both so far as this question is concerned.)

Have you explored your creativity to your satisfaction?

What do you need to stop?

Do you dismiss your creative ideas based on financial thinking or lack of time?

Which would you prefer: Losing your creative energy and spark or gaining more free time in your life? (No, you cannot have both so far as this question is concerned.)

Can you actually name a creative project or dream that you would like to pursue now?

What do you notice about the reasons for your success?

What are you trying to accomplish?

How are you being helpful to your team?

What are you doing that hurts your team? (Insert customers, employees, manager, yourself, or organization?)

What’s working for you?

What could be better?

What matters most to your customers? (Insert you, team, employees, manager, or leaders?)

What are the most impactful things you do?

If things were going perfectly, what would it look like?

How does this support the company’s mission, goals and projected success?

What’s the most unexpected thing you’ve learned along the way?

If all jobs paid the same, what would you be doing?

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

What does my (audience/customer/employee/partner/teammate) need to hear from me?

What kind of leader am I?

Do you know what I see in you?

How could we do that differently?

What are people concerned about, but no one says?

Did I help someone else succeed today?

What do we want to sustain?

What questions would you add to this list that have helped you in the past?

A Summer for Relationships

Summer is known as a time for growth. If you just look outside the window it’s likely that you can see some of that growth. You’ll probably also see evidence of it in your supermarket with all the fresh, locally grown produce that becomes available in summer. While we could probably depend on the areas of the world that are warm all year long to supply us with food (or put up lots of greenhouses in areas that are cold), the summer weather means we don’t have to stretch our resources in that way.

Summer is also a great time to grow in our relationships and our families. With the kids being off it gives us the opportunity to take off a couple of days here and there and not have to worry about them catching up with schoolwork or missing out on stuff. Warm nights and the sun staying out later means date nights can get more creative and last longer. All of which means lots of opportunities for us to get closer to the people who matter most in our lives.

But if the opposite is true, that you’re considering or facing a separation this summer, it’s an opportunity to grow and get to know yourself better. While many divorces have reasons why they happen, for example abuse or cheating or drug use, there’s usually another underlying reason that the divorce is happening. It’s the reason of flaws. We all have flaws, but some of us go into a relationship expecting to be able to break the other person or change them. And I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t changed as they got older and therefore aren’t the same person they were when they first married.

So the question then becomes can you work with the person your partner has become, and can they work with the person you have become? If you can’t then it may be time to revisit why you’re married and who you are as a person. Because if they can’t live with you and you can’t live with them and you aren’t willing to bend either way, I can just about guarantee that you’ll both be miserable in the near future, unless your lives are so different and separate and you hardly ever see each other or talk with each other.

Don’t let this be the worst summer of your life, choose to make it the best by working with the people in your life rather than trying to fight them to be right on everything or win in everything.

“The best you can hope for in a relationship is to find someone whose flaws are the sort you don’t mind. It is futile to look for someone who has no flaws, or someone who is capable of significant change; that sort of person exists only in our imaginations.” Scott Adams

Is Your Business Just a Fad?

This past week I’ve been thinking about two things: that which lasts and that which is only a fad. So I thought today we’d take some time to look at a couple of concepts and topics that relate to this debate and what we can learn from the successes and failures.

Fad: Daily Deal Sites
I read another article this past week saying how the daily deal site concept continues to decline.  Fewer and fewer people are taking advantage of the plethora of deals that companies are pushing.  Is that because they don’t want the deals anymore? Probably not, because we’re still buying many of the products and services that are listed on daily deal sites, and people still love getting a great deal on things that they want and need.  But people’s buying habits and interest in the daily deal concept have changed.

Lasts: Value
One of the biggest questions people ask when they look at your business offering is “what’s in it for me?”  People want to know what they’re getting from you if they subscribe, buy, like, read, attend or otherwise interact with you.  Are you offering what everyone else is offering (i.e. a perfectly good cup of coffee) or are you offering something that people can’t get too many other places?  Is your value clearly displayed and obvious to anyone who connects with you or do they have to take time to figure it out themselves?

Fad: Viral
The concept of viral is great: if everyone could know about us we’d all be famous, or have all the money we ever wanted or everyone would solve their problems or everyone would be happy or whatever your dream is about going viral.  However, all too often ‘viral’ translates to one hit wonder.  Beyond that, viral isn’t sustainable. You can’t stay at the top, we all have to come down at some point in time.  Being a one hit wonder doesn’t translate to years of income and consistent earnings and opportunities, typically just those that follow the viral episode, and are almost never equal to what could be achieved over time with a little patience.

Lasts: Leadership
The world is desperately in need of good leadership. From the visible people like presidents and world leaders to those who are making a difference in small communities around the world there’s always a need for good leadership, for people who will stand up for what’s right and those who are in need.  We need people who will encourage positive and empowering changes and lead the way to making them reality.

Is your business hiding behind fads when it should be focusing on that which lasts?

Are You Thankful for Imperfections?

Over the past few months I’ve been contemplating the topic of imperfections.  No, not the topic of being perfect, but that of not being perfect.  Perfection is something that frustrates most people, as we never make it there.  Even when something is “perfect,” someone else can come up with something they would do differently with what you’ve done, or something they think is “wrong” with what you’ve done.  So I tend to leave the topic and goal of perfection alone. Which leads us to the conclusion that everything is really imperfect.

If that’s the case how should we live our lives? Should we continue to strive to do and be the best we possibly can?  Should we just give up and let everything go to pot because we’ll never get to perfection? Or is there a way we can use imperfections to our benefit and give them a place in our lives?  If we can’t avoid the imperfections, and I don’t think we can, it’s about time we started learning how to work with them in our lives.

There is value in seeing what is less than perfect, it creates an opportunity for growth and renewal, new connections, and even to know when to let something go or stop pursuing it.  But one of the best things about imperfections is that they give you the opportunity to get creative and put your stamp on things.  We’re all unique people with our own personal preferences, why can’t we adopt that attitude towards the rest of our lives?

So this week as you live your life and are faced with the imperfections in the people you meet and the world around you, instead of bemoaning the fact that the world isn’t perfect and trying to make it perfect, instead tap into the beauty and power of imperfections and be inspired to create and build a world around you that is as unique and special as you.

Ready to Grow

I’ve been thinking about what it means to grow your business this past week a lot.  Every week I get messages from people who want to start businesses or have businesses and want to grow them, it’s what we all want, right?  So today I thought I’d share some steps to how you can grow your business.

Let’s start with what I don’t recommend you do.  While you may find success using scams, buying fans/followers/likes, overpricing your services or products by a large percentage, using software to shortcut things, or other methods, most of these will get you in more trouble than they’re worth.  I don’t believe that it’s worth it to go viral, get 10 seconds of fame, or scam your way to success, especially in the long run.

So if you’re looking for success and growth where do you start? First, know that everyone starts somewhere, usually somewhere small.  Don’t be discouraged that you’re only so big or making so many sales, everyone started there.

Second, choose to thrive in change.  The sooner you embrace and accept change as part of your life and business, the sooner you’ll be able to start growing.  Make sure that the changes you’re working on aren’t just busywork though, make sure you’re actually accomplishing things with your changes.

Third, make sure that your leadership and employees are fully supporting the vision you have for the growth of the business. If you’re not all on board and fully supporting the changes that will have to happen to grow, you won’t be able to overcome the hurdle.

Fourth, make a plan for growth.  Know who you’re going to contact, know what steps you’ll be taking on social media, know what areas of your business you’re going to grow, know who you need to add to your team to make that happen.

Fifth always look for ways to add value.  If you want to grow and grow fast, look for ways to increase the value you offer to customers, employees, and the community at large.  The more value you add to the world, the more sales you’ll be able to make and quicker you’ll grow.

What’s on your growth list for this year?

The Support of Family

Most people start off the year with high hopes for what they can do with the gift of a new year, you’re probably no different, I know I have hopes and dreams for this year.  So what can we do to make this year different than other ones?  This year as we talk about the topic of being thankful one of the big things that often comes to mind are the people in our lives.  If we really want to accomplish our dreams and goals for this year I believe that one of the keys will be our willingness to ask for and be open to getting support.

Our lives aren’t easy, we face challenges on a daily basis that we struggle with or feel frustrated by.  One of the best ways to not only feel better about the challenges but to resolve them is to talk them over and work through them with someone else, or even several other people.  Having a team of people, whether coworkers, friends or family, in your life that you know will support you through all challenges is an essential tool to making your life all it can be, and happy too.

There is no replacement for being willing to work hard and pull your own weight in life.  But there is no rule book that says it has to be just you and you have to do it all alone.  If you really want the to have the best, happiest, healthiest and strongest year you’ve ever had and for your family too, the only way to get that is to work together to make it happen.  When we each do our chores, or at the very least bring something to the table like an encouraging spirit, it’s then that we’re able to not dread coming home at night or worry about the future of our family.

Will this be the year you’ll ask for the help you need and be open to being the help and hope that those in your life need? Or will it be a repeat of previous years when your only focus is being #1?