From Failure to Success

When you talk about success there are several ways you can go about it and many definitions of success. There are big successes and there are small successes. Someone that many people have followed over the years in terms of a success journey is Martha Stewart. Starting really with cookbooks in 1982 ever since then Martha has been building an empire that now includes TV shows, websites, cookbooks, magazines, and food and home products.

But if you’ve followed her story you know that she spent several months in jail in 2004-2005 followed by several years of probation for being convicted of conspiracy and other non-violent offenses. This is a huge blow to anyone who is trying to build a company, and a reminder that anyone can be so caught up in their success that they can make bad decisions. And she paid the price for her bad decisions.

Like anyone else Martha Stewart then had to make a decision about what would happen next. She probably could have retired from public life and quietly run one or more smaller private companies and done OK. But instead she chose to stand tall and let her talent and passion shine. I see her on many channels around the TV listings these days, from cooking shows to shopping shows to news shows, around the internet and making all kinds of partnerships with businesses and celebrities. From all appearances she’s happy and doing well, and just as passionate and dedicated as she has always been.

Most of us will make a couple of mistakes or have some failures in our success journey, few of us are able to do it without screwing up. Often success is a question of how we recover after our failures, not just how well we do the success journey. If you’re struggling with your success journey today know that you can push through or turn things around, it’s a question of how passionate and dedicated you are to making it happen.

5 Mistakes Businesses Make

With the beginning of the year and many people having already given up on their resolutions, I thought it appropriate to talk about mistakes, especially a few key ones people in business make (these are only a few, there are many).

1-speed.  I don’t know too many people who don’t enjoy speed once in a while.  Whether it’s a motorcycle, flying a plane or a fast roller coaster, there’s something thrilling about going fast.  However, in business speed is a double-edged sword.  Yes, you want to get to the market so your product or service isn’t beat by someone else, but at the same time if you go in too quick you’ll be laughed at for your less-than-ready product or service.

2-fear.  Fear is a powerful tool, motivator, and killer.  It can bring you to the greatest success or biggest failures of your life.  I’m not suggesting you always have to overcome your fears, but with a bit of study on the risk and reality of that fear you can decide if it’s holding you back from success or not.

3-jumping the gun.  Yes, sometimes you just know that something is a perfect match.  But all too often we jump in with both feet before doing the research or reading everything.  Check out the instructions, talk with people to see if you’re a good match, find out the whole deal before you talk money or contracts.

4-ignorance.  This is a big issue for a lot of people and companies.  However, ignoring the problems won’t send them away, nor will being ignorant of what you do/don’t know.  This means you need to talk to people, be aware of the money situation, find out what’s going on, find out what people are looking for, and find out what’s really selling.

5-sales.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the bottom line in business is not the money but the people.  Behind each and every dollar are people, many people who are impacted by the money spent.  Just because you have an online business doesn’t mean that the money is any less personal or connected to a person.  There is always a person on the other side of the money.

In the future we’ll cover more, if you have a specific mistake (mentioned here or not) that bothers you, share in the comments.