Stopping to See America

With celebrating July 4th just a couple days ago, the day we set aside to honor the official birth of our country, today I’m thinking about things that families can do that celebrate that American spirit. Summer is a great time to really dive into all things American, but the ideas behind these activities can be applied to other countries as well, should you be doing some extensive traveling this summer as a family.

Visiting the national parks and monuments are a great way to get to know the country and experience some of the things that make it what it is. There’s so much diversity, both of places and people, that you can experience by adding into your travel plans some stops at national parks, and with over 500 places to check out, there’s something for everyone and just about everywhere.

Another great way to experience America is to stop and any of the flea markets that pop up during especially the summer months, but also into the early autumn months. Yes, most of them have the typical crafts and creations, but they also have people selling things that aren’t so ordinary like parts and pieces that show history and are examples of the incredible skill that people past and present have.

I also always love stopping in at local farmer’s markets and farm stands as we drive along. Yes, the crops are pretty much the same wherever you go, but you will find some regional differences and specialties, and the biggest reason to stop is the fact that you’re getting fresh food straight from the source. It also helps to reinforce to the kids where the food comes from and many markets also have pick-your-own opportunities that can extend your visit there as well and give the kids a chance to be hands on in ways they may never have before. (Local Harvest is one way to find farmer’s markets near you)

And of course the recommendation from any foodie you speak to is to ask the locals where to eat when you stop in a new location. Their restaurant and food recommendations give you a look at some regional specialties and things you may have never had before, as well as give you a much better chance of the food being fresh, tasty and well made than if you just pick any place to stop.

What are your favorite ways to experience the people and places of America?