What’s Your Plan?

Something that makes or breaks many of my clients is organization. A big reason so many people struggle is because of their lack of organization. It usually gets to the point that they’re completely overwhelmed and have no idea whats going on or how to fix things before they realize they need help. The good news is that most people are able to be very fulfilled, happy and successful once they’ve gotten a little organization under their belt. The bad news is that some people miss out on the fact that the organization is what got them to that point, and that without it they would return to their disorganized and frustrated state, which is where they typically end up again. So today I thought I’d share 4 important pointers about being organized.

Have a plan. This is the step that many people don’t start with. They just jump in, do all they can and gather what they think is necessary and run back to put it all together and then realize they have no clue where the instruction book is. It turns out they didn’t bother to really think things through before they got going, and not having a solid, well thought out plan meant that they weren’t going to get where they though they were going without a lot of extra spending, worry, hassle or frustration, unless they were really lucky.

Plan for changes. This is the second thing that usually messes people up. When they are so caught up in their plan being the only plan and having to be followed exactly, precisely and without deviation, they struggle most to incorporate the issues and complications that get thrown at them by the world. You have to leave room in every step of the plan for changes.

Plan time to keep things organized. As I already mentioned this is one of the steps people forget. Leave things a mess for too long and you’ll realize that they don’t clean themselves up or fix themselves. No, you need to plan time into each week for neatening things up, checking things off your lists and making sure that you’re on task and on target to not only have your business or work plans go according to plan, but have a home life that’s going the way you want it to as well.

Which brings us to our last point: plan for fun. Yes, I’m completely serious. We all need to do a better job of planning fun, relaxation, joy and friends into our lives. We’re focused on success and making the world better, which is great, but you’ve heard the saying “all work and no play makes you dull.” Not only is this true but without play we’re not as productive either.

So this weekend I encourage you to sit down and take stock. Are you frustrated because you’re swimming without the proverbial paddle? If so, start making some plans or ask for help.


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